Friday, August 3, 2007

We can't all be staples

I saw this article a couple of months ago in Fast Company Magazine about how Staples operates their Warehouse with robots. What caught my attention was how clean the warehouse was. Wow! It looks like you can eat off those floors. ...and the Robots! y warehouse is 11,000 square feet and we share space with Wildcard Golf and Swing 'em Again Golf (used clubs).

Anyhow, we moved from 5,000sf to 11,000sf and we clearly ran out of space. Swing 'em again basically closed the showroom because used clubs take up a lot of space. We had a customer try to find us a couple of weeks back and I felt badly because they expected to see a big sign and a store. I must confess it is just a big warehouse. We are also way in the back behind Pilkington (you will see their trucks from the street) and next to the very smelly medical waste treatment warehouse. It keeps the rent down.

See if you can figure out which pics are from Staples Warehouse and which ones are ours. By the way, in our defense, we do keep the assembly area very clean and organized. As long as assembly and shipping area a well oiled machine we will continue to keep our customers happy. We like our space. Hopefully nobody gets hurt climbing the mountains of boxes!

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