Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New GRIP Golf Affiliate Program

We are launching the GRIP affiliate program later this week. For those that are unfamiliar with affiliate programs they are, in essence, revenue sharing programs between you and a company (in this case GRIP) that sells a product or service. We reward you with commission payments for sales on our site when you send us customers to http://www.gogrip.com/ from your web site or Blog. We have put together an excellent FAQ with all of the details at: https://www.gogrip.com/t-affiliate_faq.aspx

Our affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction. Their technology will track GRIP sales made through affiliates and they will also electronically distribute the commission payments. We chose Commission Junction because is the make it simple for our affiliates to work with us and they are the industry leader for managing affiliate programs. They have excellent information on their web site http://www.cj.com/ about affiliate programs and how it all works.

To sign up for the GRIP Golf Affiliate Program please visit https://www.gogrip.com/t-affiliate_overview.aspx.

The GRIP affiliate program will officially start taking applications starting on Jan 19, 2007. We have an aggressive commission plan that pays commissions from 10-30% on a monthly basis. We will gladly add to you our email launch list for the affiliate program. Please visit our site, fill out our contact form http://www.gogrip.com/t-contactpage.aspx and let us know that you would like to to join our program.

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