Friday, February 16, 2007

Opening the store

So we are in the process of opening the GRIP retail outlet in Northborough, MA. On the positive side, it has set up well, we have a lot of product and the people that work at East Coast Golf (our store is at the East Coast Golf Driving Range) have been really nice and helpful.

Things that have not gone well include:
  • Getting rear ended last Wednesday on my way to Staples for supplies. I swear, I was sitting at a stop sign. I was hit by a truck in my car that has 1800 miles on it. I was thinking about how nicely things were coming together. BOOM! An inconvenience and time consumption I can't afford. However, the good people at Enterprise rental car gave me a Dodge SUV that fits a lot of boxes. It has been very handy.
  • I think I lost my wallet yesterday. Nobody to blame for that but myself. Again, and inconvenience I don't have time for. I am taking my family on vacation in March before the new GRIP products launch and golf season officially starts. If I lost my wallet right before that trip I would be worse off. The silver lining is that this may be the best time for me to lose it. I only stand to get busier.

Gold stars go to:

  • Mike Blair for hitting all of his deadlines for getting all of the new GRIP products ready. We will launch Irons, Woods, and Drivers all between March 25th and April 15th. They look good and play better.
  • The new Hartford Warehouse. Won't it be nice pack GRIP shipping boxes without having to climb over mountains of pallets and golf bags. Linksman, Wildcard and GRIP outgrew our Warehouse quickly last year. We blocked aisles with pallets and we were really crowded. Sounds like a nice problem to have right? It did not seem like it at the time. We move next week. We will also have a new store in Hartford.

If anyone sees my wallet I will give them a free driver. Help!